2022 Global Pyramid Conference

2022 Global Pyramid Conference

7 Episodes

The Global Pyramid Network presents the 4th Annual International Global Pyramid Conference featuring Pyramid Teachings, Sacred Geometry, Stargates, and Energy Healing by the world's leading pyramid experts. We will once again be at the Gold Pyramid in Wadswoth, IL!
Stargates, Pyramidal Systems and Wands are very special and valuable tools for self-empowerment and the expansion of consciousness. Decoding, encoding and re-coding the soul's essence, opening us to cosmic consciousness and bringing us in line with the divine. Attend in person for free experiences with these tools by the creators.

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2022 Global Pyramid Conference
  • Gordon Hughes 2022 Part 2

    Episode 2

    Gordon John Hughes
    Advanced Energy Systems - Part 2

  • James Westerman 22 Live Stream

    Episode 7

    James S. Westerman is an author, researcher, archeologist, and an engineer speaking on:
    Underwater Archeology in the Desert

  • Gordon Hughes 2022 Part 1

    Episode 1

    As guardian, Gordon John Hughes purpose is to help us achieve our potential and lift the veils from our consciousness so we can access other dimensional realms and control our own processes. It is about assisting us to come to a place where we can remember the absolute stillness and hear the soun...

  • Faye 2022 Live Stream Gongs

    Episode 5

    Faye Henry plays Paiste gongs for a meditative experience. Check out her other videos at www.TsVibes.tv or her website at www.TsVibrations.com

  • William (Bill) Brown 2022 Live Stream

    Episode 6

    William (Bill) Brown - Secrets Under the "Giza" Plateau Revealed

  • Anita Charlet 2022

    Episode 3

    Anita Charlet
    In Search of the Holy Language

  • Larry Pahl 2022

    Episode 4

    Larry Pahl - The Great Pyramid and the Great Sphinx
    Contact Larry at:
    Larry Pahl, Director
    The American Institute for Pyramid Research
    Instagram: @sagesilent
    YouTube: https://YouTube.Com/c/TheGreatPyramidAIP