Presentations from 2021 Global Pyramid Conference

Presentations from 2021 Global Pyramid Conference

The existence of pyramids worldwide has long been an enigma stirring humanity to search deep into its ancient origins. The mysteries of the pyramids are many. Common answers to these mysteries do not always satisfy the curious. Our 3 day-long Global Pyramid Conference features special guest presenters Marika Verheijen, Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Michael Feeley, Rohit Sewnath, and more will share curiosity-quelling details from their many years of research, insight and knowledge about the worldwide pyramid phenomena.

From Bosnia to Egypt, from the ancient land of the Maya to the ancient land of Atlantis and throughout the globe, pyramids vary in size, shape, building materials and structure. Yet there are many similarities as well.

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Presentations from 2021 Global Pyramid Conference
  • Robert Potter 21

    Rob loves sharing advanced technologies utilizing Pyramidal arrays with light sound and color in conjunction with other objects. These pyramidal arrays are very strong when utilized with crystal chambers. Rob will share a presentation on sound as a tool for spiritual development. 

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  • Global Pyramid Conference 2021

    1 season

    The Global Pyramid Conference which was established in 2016 was the first of its kind. It was designed to promote research and the proliferation of pyramid education. The program assembles world-class international experts in the field of pyramids and pyramid research, each with a minimum of a de...

  • Welcome to the Pyramid Video Library

    What can you expect when you subscribe to our channel? Presenters from the 3 past Globay Pyramid Conferences.

  • Rohit Sewnath Ank Meditation 21

    Discharging what no longer serves us (karmic burden, family patterns, overactive thinking, emotional or physical pains) Guided meditation and attention for chakras.

  • Sarah Thomas 21

    The differences between 3 of the most alive and activating stones on Earth today and how each merges with the pyramid field. The result of this alchemy is immediately transformative.  If you're ready for your site to expand, your heart to open, and your consciousness to rise up.

  • Michael Freely 21

    Just what are the Egyptians trying to tell us?  Who built the pyramids and what do they mean?  How old are they, just what is the sphinx and how is Egypt connected to the bible? During this presentation Michael discusses and answers the many questions posed for millenniums and goes right into the...

  • Rodrigo Duque 21

    Rodrigo takes you on a Shamanic Underworld Journey in the Pyramid

  • Debra White 21

    Ancient Egypt in Sedona Arizona

  • Dr Sam Osmanagich 21

    The Bosnian Pyramid complex consists of six pyramids and three tumuli and most extensive prehistorical underground tunnel network. Elements of sacred geometry, astronomical and calendar aspects, huge quantities of quartz crystal, underground water flows, perfect side alignment with the cardinal p...

  • Faye Henry 21

    Gong composer Faye Henry creates the music of the spheres for relaxation and rejuvenation. Lie down, relax, and listen as your body relaxes and heals.

  • George Gelee 21

    Discover the location of the newly found pyramid in the United States.

  • George Gele 21 Day 2

    Balancing the energy of the pyramid to benefit ourselves.

  • Marika Verheijen 21

    Originally of dutch origin, Marika has a varied background in management, social and humanitarian related organizations and can best be defined as a humanist, a connector and a co-creator.  She accompanied the world renowned spiritual healer Rev. Alex Orbito on his worldwide healing journeys for ...

  • Deepak Bakshi 2021

    How the interior spaces of home and building helps with positive vibration of the sound of pyramids which is positioned on a base of vastu-yantra help to expand positive cosmic energy.

  • Igor Pitonak 21

    In this presentation learn how the energy of oneness is structured. Find out about the different aspects of electromagnetic field and benefits associated with timing of the field. Unlock the mystery of healing.