2023 Global Pyramid Conference

2023 Global Pyramid Conference

The Global Pyramid Networks 5th Annual International Global Pyramid Conference featuring "Pyramid Secrets" presented by the world's leading pyramid experts. Once again held in the Gold Pyramid in Wadswoth, IL!

The purpose of the 2023 Global Pyramid Conference is to bring the mysteries and secrets associated with pyramids around the world available to the general public. We want to increase popular awareness of these powerful monuments and explore the practical application of their eternal energies to everyday life. To do this, we have assembled world-class international experts in the field to share their latest discoveries about these amazing structures. It is generally assumed that Pyramids were an entirely Egyptian affair. But, surprisingly, there are fundamentally similar buildings still being found all around the world! Our fifth Global Pyramid Conference will aim to take a scientific look at the mysterious and historically unique Pyramid structures of the world.

How is this conference different from other conferences:

* It is based on scientific research

* Encompasses world-wide pyramids 

* All speakers have a decade or more experience with pyramids

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2023 Global Pyramid Conference


  • Dr. Sam Mayan Pyramid Secrets

    Dr. Sam Osmanagich on Mayan Pyramid Secrets

  • Dr. Sam Osmanagich Bosnian Pyramid

    Dr. Sam Osmanagich Bosnian Pyramid Healing Energy

  • Gordon John Hughes 2023 Crystal Grid Healing

    Gordon Hughes presents Advanced Crystal Grid Healing
    Cutting Edge Energy Field Technology
    A fusion of heart and mind through Stargates, pyramids, wands and education brought to you by Gordon Hughes.

  • Maher Haggag 2023

    Maher Haggag presents Symbols and Divine Geometry of Egypt

  • Ra Ma 2023

    Ra Ma with The Mystery of Pyramids as Portals for Time Bending

  • Johannes Schlederer

    Johannes Schlederer presents: The Pyramid Way to Consciousness:
    How Pyramids and Crystals work in Epigenetics to raise Consciousness.

  • Devara Thunderbeat 2023

    Devara Thunderbeat presents Secrets of Egypt-Sedona Connections

  • Christopher Dunn 2023

    Christopher Dunn presents: GIZA: The Tesla Connection: Recovering Lost Science from the Past to Power the Future
    Visit his website at www.gizapower.com

  • Dr Thomas Allen 2023

    Immerse yourself in the quiet of spirit and calm with sounds created by Dr. Allen at Acoustical Pyramid. www.acousticalpyramid.com

  • Jennifer Ashira Ra 2023

    Jennifer Ashira Ra presents Great Pyramid of Golden Universes: Light Code Initiation and Activation with Ra, Isis and Horus

  • Mary Hardy 2023

    Mary Hardy presents: Engineering the Planet with Pyramid Energy
    More about Mary on her website: www.templeofsakkara.com

  • Julie Ryder 2023 Part II

    Underground Pyramids and Ancient Megaliths in Montana, USA

  • Julie Ryder Part I 2023

    Julie Ryder - Underground Pyramids and Ancient Megaliths in Montana, USA

  • Birgit Aurell 2023

    Embark on an Enlightening Journey:Unveiling the Secret Teachings of Akhenaten to Discover and Embrace the Path of Humanity

  • Larry Pahl 2023

    Larry has been studying the Egyptian pyramids for decades. He has made presentations of his discoveries at major Egyptological conferences. He directs our work in the field and maintains contact with our associates around the world. He has led 10 tours to Egypt and outfitted several research expe...

  • Radmilo Anicic 2023

    Radmilo Anicic is a systems engineer consultant with 35 years of experience. He is a Qigong instructor and energy medicine practitioner and teacher. He brings the latest information and findings from the Russian pyramid research and the part pyramids play in spiritual evolution.

  • RaMa Danielle-Marie of EarthSeed Temple Arts Conference Promo

    Our world is rapidly shifting, and the reality is that each human has the possibility to architect the New Earth through intentional co-creative abilities. In this talk, Ra Ma will offer her wisdom of alchemical astrology to share some of the key moments coming to humanity from the present moment...

  • Gordon Hughes Workshop Promo

    Gordon Hughes gives an explanation of his workshop that is post conference in Gurnee, IL. See his latest star gates and learn more.

  • Jennifer Ashira Ra Promo

    Details at www.GlobalPyramidConference.com

    Great Pyramid of Golden Universes: Light Code Initiation and Activation with Ra, Isis and Horus Promo.

  • Gordon Hughes Presentation Promo

    Listen as Gordon Hughes decribes his presentation at the Global Pyramid Conference. Attend the live event in Wadsworth, Il on September 22-24. Full details with list of presenters and registration at www.GlobalPyramidConference.com

  • Tom Allen Promo

    Tom discusses his presentation and workshop at the Global Pyramid Conference. Attend live September 22-24 in Gurnee, IL. Details and registration at www.globalpyramidnetwork.com