Attend the 2023 Global Pyramid Conference

Attend the 2023 Global Pyramid Conference

Join us this September for "Pyramid Secrets" our 5th annual Global Pyramid Conference. We will be meeting at the Gold Pyramid in Wadsworth, IL. Keep checking our 2023 Conference page for updates on our international speakers.

REGISTER FOR CONFERENCE and find details at
Watch promos by some of the conference presentations on this channel now.

After the conference, the videos will be available here on the Video Library Channel.

Attend the 2023 Global Pyramid Conference
  • RaMa Danielle-Marie of EarthSeed Temple Arts Conference Promo

    Our world is rapidly shifting, and the reality is that each human has the possibility to architect the New Earth through intentional co-creative abilities. In this talk, Ra Ma will offer her wisdom of alchemical astrology to share some of the key moments coming to humanity from the present moment...

  • Gordon Hughes Workshop

    Gordon Hughes gives an explanation of his workshop that is post conference in Gurnee, IL. See his latest star gates and learn more.

  • Tom Allen

    Tom discusses his presentation and workshop at the Global Pyramid Conference. Attend live September 22-24 in Gurnee, IL. Details and registration at

  • Gordon Hughes Presentation

    Listen as Gordon Hughes decribes his presentation at the Global Pyramid Conference. Attend the live event in Wadsworth, Il on September 22-24. Full details with list of presenters and registration at

  • Promos for the 2023 Global Pyramid Conference

    Movie + 4 extras

    Read full details and register to attend the 2023 conference at:

    The Global Pyramid Network presents the 5th Annual International Global Pyramid Conference featuring "Pyramid Secrets" presented by the world's leading pyramid experts. We will onc...

  • Jennifer Ashira Ra Promo

    Details at

    Great Pyramid of Golden Universes: Light Code Initiation and Activation with Ra, Isis and Horus Promo.